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PERSONAL: Physically weak but emotionally strong

I was in a shop the other day and there was this group of children who walked past. They stopped and stared, not knowing that they were blocking my path. Their mum noticed and quickly moved them on. She smiled

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Sexual consent protests ignore the bigger problem

Recent protests and calls for consent to be a part of sex education is good to see, but a greater discussion about how young people make decisions in the first instance needs to be put on the table as well.

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Public Speaking: Don’t be someone’s inspiration porn

Go ahead and be a good public speaker, but don’t settle for being a stranger’s inspiration porn.

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MOE and Disability Groups not doing enough for Inclusive Education

A recent outcry from parents of disabled children has re-enforced the terrible reality that once school education concludes, the battle gets that much harder and that much more unfair. The Ministry of Education may claim to have the correct systems

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Ethical Brothels and Sex for Disabled People

The recent story about “ethical brothels” published by NZME has once again exposed an intolerable truth. New Zealand’s society still judges those who work in the sex industry and the consumers who’ve made it the “oldest profession in the book”.

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Sex & Disability: The Public Morality

The issue of the taxpayer subsidising sex for people with disabilities in New Zealand isn’t about the cost, it’s the morality that society has toward the entire notion. As has been reported previously, people with disabilities in Holland can claim

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Unemployed In 2017 – TRMP

Thank God I’m still a Sports Reporter! Thank God I’m still a Public Speaker! Be sure to subscribe for future videos. Please excuse the typo in the banner.

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Took the missus to my hometown today and ran into the great Colin 'Pinetree' Meads. #legend Game day baby! Be tuned into @freefm89 at 2pm today as I bring you my truth. Do something and say you tried. Do nothing and join the machine. #MikePulmanRadio Guess what... I'm not the only one saying it! My Fidget collection keeps growing! #notsorry How did I ever live without one of these? My girl and the little guy. It's days like today that make you feel good about what you do. It's been a challenging old year since I last covered the All Blacks but so grateful to be back.
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