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Gaming journo Colin Moriarty’s shock resignation from Kinda Funny

Popular games journalist Colin Moriarty resigned from Kinda Funny this week; ending his tenure of work alongside his best friend Greg Miller that has left supporters in shock. Moriarty and Miller have been side-by-side right throughout their respective careers in

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The Nintendo Switch will be a Flop

The Nintendo Switch has certainly got a lot of people talking, but is it a piece of trash? Expect it to be a blunder when it comes out. The Switch will drop on March 1st and will cost gamers in

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Rockstar Games: A studio like no other

Red Dead Redemption 2 promises to be the best title of 2017 for gamers, but this certainly won’t be anything new for Rockstar Games. Some of my all-time classic gaming moments have been from games made by this studio. Rockstar

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Red Dead Redemption 2 officially announced

After months of speculation, Rockstar Games has finally announced Red Dead Redemption 2 and will launch the Western-based shooter next year. Due to release next Spring in the US (Autumn in New Zealand), Red Dead Redemption 2 will be Rockstar’s

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Xbox Scorpio is already beating PS4 Pro

Microsoft Scorpio is an impressive system, but could it be the next-gen console it has the timing to be? We are in the middle of a big change to the console gaming space, and it is Sony that has suddenly

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PlayStation Pro: Is it worth it?

In a conference that didn’t provide any ‘wow’ factor, Sony finally revealed their newer, and more powerful PlayStation. Officially named the PlayStation Pro, the more powerful version of the PS4 will be available in New Zealand from November 10th –

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Mike Pulman Radio moves to new time slot

Mike Pulman Radio will move to a new time slot of 2.00pm every Friday from from August 12th, shifting from its later time of 3.30pm. As part of The Big Listen, people are encouraged to get involved in Access Radio

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