PERSONAL: Merry Xmas and a look back at 2015

From sports to politics, and a strong focus on disability issues, The Real Michael Pulman saw regular content being posted on nearly a daily basis in 2015.

Stories I am particularly proud of include the MDA reports and the feature pieces I wrote on various Chiefs players I interviewed during my time covering Super Rugby.

While the Chiefs performances on the field were fairly average, being able to interview the likes of Sonny Bill Williams, Aaron Cruden, James Lowe, and Liam Messam were some of my most enjoyable moments as a journalist in 2015.

A lot of people had their opinions about about Chris Higgins’ resignation from the MDA, and while I think his decision was forced due to the exposing nature of the stories I did, I firmly stand by everything I wrote and hold no regrets.

I didn’t get Chris Higgins fired at all, he resigned, maybe not on his own accord, but I feel that if I didn’t stand up and do something about his leadership, I would be doing a lot of people a big disservice.

To be a leader of any disability organisation you have to understand the people first, and that can only come from engagement, something Higgins didn’t do.

In terms of my writing ability, I feel I have a lot of improvement still left to do, but I like the attitude that has come out in the past year.

Especially when it comes to writing about anything related to disability, my style is very hard hitting, I hope as factual as possible, and the truth as I believe it to be. I do get passionate, and I hope that forever remains a part of my writing.

Topics like sex, drugs, and disability issues were also written about a lot. I went after a lot of people and questioned them publicly, not to shame them, but to get answers. These sorts of stories are always tricky because they revolve around opinion, where as typical news writing is meant to be unbiased, so you are always going to be drawing a different sort of reaction there.

Lisa Lewis was a prime example, she went to her lawyer who wrote me a letter to stop posting content about her or face legal action. When I refused, she went to the police, and I never received a single phone call from them, because there wasn’t a case.

She tried to scare me into not writing, and it didn’t work.

But, like the stats back up, those are always the stories that draw a lot of interest, so expect them to continue in 2016. Like everything else, I stand by everything I wrote in regards to those subjects and I firmly believe in the arguments I made.

I also became a lot gutsier in my writing, taking you inside my personal battle with depression, OCD, and anxiety issues wasn’t always a healing process like a lot of people thought, often it made the journey a lot worse, but I wanted to try and be as open as I could be with my readers.

I couldn’t have been more open and honest than in the story I wrote on my birthday about my best friend, the person behind the wonderful year that was 2015, and someone who truly knows more about me than anyone. I want to thank so many people, but in particular she deserves a special mention.

In closing, I feel very proud of the content that has been posted on The Real Michael Pulman and I hope you all got something out of it.

So have a wonderful Christmas, enjoy the time with family and friends, recharge those batteries and we will all sit back and see what 2016 brings.


Mike Pulman

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