Lisa Lewis calls out famous netballer

Lisa Lewis has called out Irene Van Dyk and challenged her to a boxing match in the latest of her provocative posts on social media.

Credit: NZ Film TV

One Facebook user has labeled Lewis’s post as ‘pathetic’ after the former adult entertainer questioned Van Dyk’s claims of being a proud member of the Waikato.

Lewis taunted Van Dyk, one of New Zealand’s most famous and respected athletes in the video post.

“I am used to guys in the bedroom, I can handle myself in there, I think now you give me a shot at trying the netball girls,” Lewis said.

Lewis then put on a bib and continued to mock Van Dyk.

“I will feel bad punching an old lady in the face,” Lewis said.

Lewis’s latest provocative post on social media is arguably her lowest point yet, and one social media commentator says that the former adult entertainer is attempting to become famous, but believes that many of her followers are becoming annoyed with Lewis and her constant attempts to grab the attention of the mainstream.

“I’ve noticed a really sad trend on Lisa’s pages recently. I think she truly regrets her past and is trying to achieve legitimacy in her brand but this isn’t the way,” the commentator said.

Lewis has accused several people of bullying in recent weeks.

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