Scenarios going forward for the Chiefs

Tonight’s match against the Brumbies in Canberra is only just the beginning, and here are the likely scenarios should they get the win.


If the Chiefs win tonight, they advance to the semi final against either the Waratahs in Sydney, or the Crusaders in Christchurch. Should the Sharks win over the Highlanders, Aaron Cruden and his men will stay in Australia, but should the Highlanders win, a third straight semi final against Canterbury will be on the cards.

Should the Chiefs win this weekend and next, a potential third straight home final will be  at Waikato Stadium, but only if the Highlanders can win their games also.

Qualifying 5th in the standings, the road to the final is going to be brutal no matter what happens in any of the other games around the competition.

The Chiefs haven’t been the same team in 2014, at many times the on field performances have been a shadow of 2012 and 2013’s counterparts, and the history of the current season just doesn’t see Cruden and his men being able to achieve the three peat. But nothing is ever certain in sport.

But it must worry the coaches on this champion side because if the Brumbies are sleighed this evening, a red hot Crusaders side is waiting in the wings for yet another showdown in a semi final, but this time down in Christchurch, a place where the Crusaders rarely lose.

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